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Analyze the Husky Energy Inc. strategic management policy.The specific requirements are in the files I provide.Just finish the assignment#1 part.

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MGMT 4001 Strategy Formulation
Strategic Analysis Capstone Project – Assignment Guidelines
Assignment Overview
Strategic management has become one of the most fascinating and complex fields of
management. As such, it poses challenges to managers and organizations, which you will
explore during your strategic analysis of a company of your choice.
There is a list of companies posted on the course site from which you can choose. Sign-up is
on a first come – first serve basis as only one student per company is allowed. Please signup for your company as soon as possible to ensure you have a good selection to choose from.
The other option is to select a company of your own choice. The course Professor must
approve your choice. If you select your own company, you will need to do some preliminary
research to ensure your company is a viable choice and that you will be able to find the
information necessary for the project. It is recommended that you choose a publicly traded
company, as the availability of strategic and financial information is limited with privately held
The role of the Strategic Management process is to answer some fundamental questions
regarding the future direction and scope of the company such as:
Who are we and what do we do?
Where are we now?
How did we get here?
Where are we heading?
Where would we like to be?
Are we on course?
How do we get there?
In an effort to answer these questions strategists (and budding strategists) employ a variety of
tools to help them make sense of the current and future situations facing the organization. This
involves performing an assessment of the current strategic direction, a macro-environmental
scan of the general environment, an analysis of the industry in which the company competes
and matching these against a value chain analysis and an internal review or audit of the
Revised: Spring 2019
The end result of these five tasks is a portrait of the relative ability of the organization to
mobilize its inherent strengths or overcome its weaknesses in order to take advantage of
external opportunities or defend against external threats. We call this portrayal a SWOT
analysis and it is the culmination of matching the findings from the External Environmental
Scan with the Internal Assessment findings.
You will then determine which of the generic strategies are currently being employed by your
company in order to realize their current strategic objectives. Finally, you will use the SWOT
analysis to determine which generic strategy SHOULD be used in order to achieve the new
strategic objectives revealed through the SWOT analysis.
The project is divided into 3 individual assignments and will involve the completion of an:
1. Assessment of your organizations current strategic situation, external environmental
analysis and a competitive analysis;
2. Internal assessment of the organization; and,
3. SWOT, generic strategy analysis and strategic recommendations.
Your project will be a work in progress throughout the term with three different assignment
submissions. It is suggested that you work on the various assignments as we progress through
the material in class so that you have an understanding of the material and are able to
complete a sufficiently thorough analysis.
Leaving each assignment until just before the due date will result in a rush to complete
them and may impact your grade significantly.
Here are the required elements for each assignment and a suggested outline that covers the
questions to be addressed in each. You can organize the elements with additional subheadings of your choice:
Revised: Spring 2019
Assignment # 1 (10%)
INTRODUCTION (answers the questions – Who are we? What do we do?)
v Give a brief company overview including the:
o Current Mission
o Current Vision
o Current Strategic Objectives
v Analyze these components against the criteria that determine a good vision and
mission. Conduct a SMART analysis of the strategic objectives. (Analysis criteria
provided in class lecture notes)
EXTERNAL ANALYSIS (answers the questions – Where are we now?)
v External environmental scan
o PESTEL analysis (this can be done is a chart / table format with 2-3 trends per
macro-environmental segment)
– Political
– Economic
– Socio-cultural/Demographic
– Technology
– Ecological
– Legal/Regulatory
v Select three macro-environmental trends from your above analysis (no more than one
trend per category) that will affect your company’s strategic direction, complete a brief
discussion of each explaining the impact it will have on the company.
v Identify a minimum of 3 Key Industry Pressures (KIP) that are currently affecting the
industry your company operates in. Complete a competitive analysis on your industry
that takes into consideration the impact of each KIP on each of the 5 forces (note: some
KIPs may not impact some forces but you should indicate why this is so).
o Competitive / Industry Analysis – Porter’s Five Forces
– Industry Rivalry
– Threat of New Entrants
– Threat of Substitutes
– Bargaining Power of Buyers
– Bargaining Power of Suppliers
This assignment should be no more than 5-7 pages in length not including appendices
cover page, etc. It should be single-spaced in business report style and use APA format
for in-text citations and referencing.
Revised: Spring 2019
Assignment # 2 (10%)
INTERNAL ANALYSIS (answers the questions – How did we get here?)
v Internal Assessment
o Resource-Based View Analysis

Tangible Resources
• Financial (be sure to include a financial performance analysis –
details provided in class lecture notes)
• Physical
• Technological

Intangible Resources
• Human resources
• Innovation & creativity
• Reputation
o Value Chain Analysis
– Primary
• Inbound logistics
• Operations
• Outbound logistics
• Marketing and sales
• Service

• Procurement
• Technology Development
• Human Resource Management
• General Administration
o Core Competency Analysis
– Organizational Capabilities
• Specific knowledge, skills and abilities
• VRIO analysis

Key Success Factors (KSFs)
• Identify a minimum of 3 KSFs that support your company in
achieving competitive advantage.
This assignment should be no more than 8-10 pages in length not including appendices
cover page, etc. It should be single-spaced in business report style and use APA format
for in-text citations and referencing.
Revised: Spring 2019
Assignment # 3 (5%)
v Compilation of the key external and internal strategic factors (SWOT) – this can be a
chart that summarizes your findings from the external (assignment # 1) and internal
analyses (assignment # 2)
GENERIC STRATEGY (answers the questions – Where are we heading? Where would we
like to be?)
v What generic strategy does your company employ? Support your choice with evidence
from the company’s organizational and strategic activities.
DISCUSSION & RECOMMENDATIONS (answers the questions – Are we on course? How
do we get there?)
v Using your SWOT analysis, the company’s current generic strategy and the strategic
objectives from Assignment # 1:
o Should the company stay the course and stick with their current strategy and
strategic objectives (is so, why)
o Should they adopt a new course and if so what should it be (recommend a new
generic strategy and new strategic objectives).
Note: You must support your discussion and recommendations with evidence from your external
and internal analyses.
This assignment should be no more than 3-5 pages in length not including appendices
cover page, etc. It should be single-spaced in business report style and use APA format
for in-text citations and referencing.
Revised: Spring 2019
Each individual is required to submit three assignments in business report format with
appropriate cover page, sections and pagination to show distinct report sections, references
and appendices that contain the required elements and should thereby answer the
fundamental questions.
Each assignment should have an appropriate cover page, a brief introduction to the
assignment and a brief summary / conclusion of the assignment.
Any worksheets, tables / grids etc. can be included as appendices / additional pages within
each report if they are not directly relevant to the analysis.
Any and all external sources of information, data, analysis, ideas and/or suggestions external
to the group are to be documented in full and in accordance with the University Policy on
Academic Integrity.
Due Date:
Your strategic analysis assignments are due by 11:30 PM Halifax time – May 24th, June 3rd
and June 13th and must be submitted through the assignment drop-box of Brightspace.
Late submissions will not be accepted without a valid reason that is in compliance with
university guidelines for work submitted late.
Late assignments that do not fall within the university guidelines will not be accepted without
prior approval of an extension. The Professor reserves the right to assign a late penalty up to
10% per day and assignments submitted more than 3 days late will receive a grade of Zero.
Revised: Spring 2019

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