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all info is provided in the file below you need to create the tables, uniquely identify and create relationships

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MIS 303 Introduction to Business Information Systems
Final Exam: Part 2 (Take-Home)

You are not allowed to communicate the question and answer with others.
You are allowed only one submission.
If you missed the deadline, you will not receive credits.
If your submitted file cannot open, you will not receive credits.
Please submit your .accdb file via Blackboard for grading.
If your file cannot open, you will not receive credits.
(You must exit from MS Access before you can upload your .accdb file.)
George Mason University is in need of a database to keep track of classes offered in each semester.
You are asked to design and create a database for such a purpose.
(You are asked to create the necessary database tables and relationships.)
(You are NOT asked to enter any record at all.)
The following screenshots show some sample records.
Sample department records.
Business policies/requirements:

Every department is uniquely identified by an
A department has many faculty.
Sample faculty records.
Business policies/requirements:

Every faculty record is uniquely identified by
an ID.
Every faculty member reports to a valid
Sample class records.
Business policies/requirements:

Every class is taught by a valid faculty
A faculty member may teach many classes.

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