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Assignment1. Select a topic from a list of emerging or reemerging infectious diseases (also found in module 3).2. Provide the clinical name of the disease, the causative agent,the incubation period, the symptoms of the disease, the person(s) infected, the place and time, the case fatality rate, the mortality rate, the complete outbreak investigative process (six steps), data collection, and epidemic curves.3. In applying the investigative steps, be sure to provide the following:a. a reasonable and appropriate rationale for your field work planb. support and justification for your diagnosisc. a hypothesis based on investigative findingsd. a description of the implementation of control and preventive measures, based on your investigative findingsDeliverablelength: five to seven pages (excluding cover pages and reference citations)formatting: double spacedtitle page with title, your name, the course name, and the semesterpaper content should include introduction, body, and conclusionuse APA citation style in the body of the paper, as well as in the referencesresources should include a mixture of web and regular referencescorrect grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence construction, and paragraph construction

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Outline of the Outbreak Investigation of Hepatitis C

Establish the existence of an outbreak
6 people reported in the hospital for having a fever, fatigue, yellow color of their skin and eyes, dark
urine, and nausea. These people had done tattoos or piercing done at a local tattoo/piercing shop

Verify the diagnosis
Their medical record was obtained from the local hospital and blood test was done and came out to be
positive for Acute Hepatitis C virus. Hepatitis C is an infection caused by a virus that attacks the liver and
leads to inflammation.

Construct case definition
6 people with Acute hepatitis C involving jaundice and elevated liver enzymes.
These people are from the same neighborhood within a small county X.
Cases were reported within 6 months after these people got tattoos/piercing.

Find cases systematically and develop line listing
Clinical information
Symptoms: jaundice, high liver enzymes, nausea, fever and fatigue
Onset date/time: May 2018- October 2018
Demographic information: patients are from small county X with a population of 35,000 people.
Exposure Information: these 6 patients had received unregulated services from a local tattoo/piercing
shop, and they all reported to their local county hospital and where it was discovered that they all are
exposed to acute hepatitis C through their blood tests.

Perform descriptive epidemiology/develop hypotheses
The 6 people were reported to have acute hepatitis C virus within May 2018- October 2018 and they all
appeared to have either tattoo or piercing done from the same tattoo/ piercing local shop which had
used non-sterilize equipment that causes the outbreak of hep C.

Evaluate hypotheses/perform additional studies as necessary
Cohort studies were done to see if anybody else got exposed to hepatitis C and who could be at risk of
getting it.

Implement control measures
A case-control study is done, and relative risk was measured, and control measures are taken to prevent
others from getting the infection by closing down the shop till the investigation to obtain details about
the hepatitis C outbreak.

Communicate findings

inform public and media and infectious control center of the X county.

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