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Assignment needs to be completed by Sunday night. Type in provided word document text book: Understanding research methods. By Patten and Newhart

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Madison Schaffer
Patten and Newhart Topics 24 & 66
Topic 24
1. Which type of statement (hypothesis, purpose or question) predicts the outcome of a
2. “It is hypothesized that college students who have firm career goals achieve highest
GPAs than those who do not have firm career goals.” Is this a “directional” or a
“nondirectional” hypothesis?
3. “It is hypothesized that children of immigrants and children of native-born citizens differ
in their attitudes toward school.” Is this a “directional” or a “nondirectional”
4. “Are children of alcoholics different from children of nonalcoholics in their social
adjustment?” Is this research question stated appropriately? Why? Why not?
5. When researchers are willing to predict the outcome of a study, should they state a
“directional” or a “nondirectional” hypothesis?
6. What are the two alternatives to stating a nondirectional hypothesis?
7. Consider nondirectional hypotheses, research purposes, and research questions. Are all
three acceptable in the scientific community or is one type preferred over the others?
Topic 66
1. How many explanations were presented for the difference between psychologists and
engineers in the example in this topic?
2. What is the null hypothesis in the study about the sociability of psychologists and
3. Does the term sampling error refer to “random errors” or to “bias”?
4. The null hypothesis says the true difference equals what numerical value?
5. Significance tests are designed to determine the probabilities regarding the truth of
what hypothesis?
6. The expression p < 0.5 stands for what words? 7. Do researchers reject the null hypothesis when the probability of its truth is high or when the probability is low? 8. What do researchers do with the null hypothesis if the probability is greater that 0/05? 9. What is an alternative way of saying a researcher has rejected the null hypothesis? 10. What is one incorrect way of saying a researcher has failed to reject the null hypothesis? ... Our essay writing service fulfills every request with the highest level of urgency. attachment

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