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assignment is a research paper, therefore it is required that student
use the APA template. Paper must include both a title page and reference
page. Use
APA Editorial Format for all citations and references used. Three (3)
scholarly references are required for this paper. Reference must be 5
years old or less. Review the attachment “Determine if a Source is Scholarly” Review the attachment “How to Know When to Cite a Source” Review APA guidelines under the Resource tab found in the upper left hand side of Blackboard Attachments which can be found at the top of this page Student will submit a detailed report from Grammarly as well as their 2- 3 page paper. Grammarly instructions can be found as an attachment at the top of this page. Grammarly requirements include: Score of 78 – 100%; Plagiarism less than 15%. Provide your answers to the following questions in a 2- 3 page paper (NO MORE THAN 3 PAGES; title page and reference page are not counted as pages): What should the culture and environment of safety look like when preparing and administering medications? Support all claims with scholarly sources. All claims and paraphrased work needs to be cited. Identify 3 -5 common breaches of mediation administration and what factors lead to those breaches. Support all claims with scholarly sources. All claims and paraphrased work needs to be cited.
An example of a common breach and cause:
A common error when administering medications is administering the
wrong dose of a medication to a client (McCuistion et. al. 2018; Cloete,
2015). According to Cloete (2015), nurses’ often prepare medications
around several distractions. Preparing medications with distractions
such as noise and interruptions can lead to collecting an incorrect dose
and administering it to a client, thus causing a medication error
(Cloete, 2015).How can the identified medication errors and causes be prevented? Support all claims with scholarly sources. All claims and paraphrased work needs to be cited.
An example of prevention:
Distraction is identified as a common cause of medication errors when
administering medications to patients (McCuistion et. al., 2018; Cloete,
2015). In Cloete’s (2015) review of how to reduce medications errors
Cloete found that by developing a quiet zone, an area where nurses can
collect medications without distractions, will decrease the chances of a
nurse administering the wrong dose to their client.Reflect on all the information you discovered and come up with a plan to preventing medication errors utilizing your findings.
Your plan should reflect the information you researched. (Do NOT use
1st person; use the “the author of this paper” if needed.)
Example of a reflection:
Distraction is considered a major cause of common medication errors,
therefore it’s important for nurses to prepare medications in a quiet
area (McCuistion et. al., 2018; Cloete, 2015). The author of this paper
will prepare all medications at or in a medication room where
distractions are limited. This room and/or area will be quiet and
provide limited interruptions. Review the Rubric for this Assignment Please submit all your documents in the drop box; the drop box can have more than one document attached!