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Adult Learning PaperKnowing the unique qualities,
fears, and motivations of adult learners builds confidence and lets you see how
much you have in common with your fellow students. It is important to realize
that adults learn very differently than children or young adults, as adults
rely strongly on experiences making the course relevant on a personal level to
more effectively learn. Knowing this will help you specifically seek what is
personally relevant in courses and actively apply them to your work, personal
life, and mindset.Kolb (1984) developed an adult
learning theory that is called experiential learning, which is a model that
many students easily relate to on a personal level. Please study the infograph
below, and do some research in Discovery Services (tutorial
here) or Google Scholar on better understanding the experiential learning.Research andragogy and adult learning theory by Malcolm Knowles. Research experiential learning by David Kolb. Prepare to write a 2-3 page paper following the instructions below: Create the outline of your paper and watch this video for how to create an effective outline. Turn the outline into paragraphs, ensuring that you have the following:Introduction (1 paragraph)Body Sections (2-3 paragraphs each section)Conclusion (1 paragraph)Use the Template.Find and include at least 3 scholarly resources sourced from Discovery Services or Google Scholar.Use the Spellcheck tool to correct any misspellings. Watch the Spellchecking video below for how to use that tool in Word. Ensure the paper addresses the following points:Summarize the concept of adult learning theory.Discuss if you relate to Kolb’s experiential learning model.Describe how this knowledge helps you understand how you learn more effectively.