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As you continue to prepare for your booth at the diversity fair, you  along with your fellow committee members, want to provide the  participants with information related to coexisting in a diverse  environment. Through your coursework in your Ethics Around the Globe  class, you feel that a brochure that provides information on Pluralism,  Relativism, and Absolutism could be beneficial. These three terms  address different ways that people with different ethical views can  interact.
Your brochure will include the following:

An introduction that provides an overview of ethical diversity. 
Definition of Pluralism and an applicable example
Definition of Relativism and an applicable example
Definition of Absolutism and an applicable example
Available credible resources so that participants can learn more:  this can be from valid websites, your text book, additional readings  from the class, videos etc. 

The brochure that you are creating is to be a tri-fold design,  double-sided. Draw attention to your brochure by using well-placed art,  an easy to read design with your content, and effective use of color.

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