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Assignment ContentImagine you are a team of HR generalists assigned to one of the five locations of a local fast food restaurant in your city. The owner has challenged you to create a new performance review.Research different types of performance reviews and create two 175-word review forms that managers can use with their employees.Include the following components:CompetenciesPerformance requirementsEngagement for two different types of employees (e.g. cooks, counter workers, drive-through, supervisors)Explain in a total of 175 words why each of the questions that you included would be relevant based upon your research.Cite any outside sources according to APA formatting guidelines.Note: Grades are awarded based upon individual contributions to the Learning Team assignment. Each Learning Team member receives a grade based upon his/her contributions to the team assignment. Not all students may receive the same grade for the team assignment.*******I only need to write a review for the engagement of two different types of employees***** We are working on a restaurant that serves burgers.175 words