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Answer the following questions. Though the questions are subjective, there are elements in them, which you must demonstrate that you understand and can correctly apply the various terminology and views of the philosophers that we have studied this year.PLEASE DO NOT WRITE WHAT YOU THINK I WANT TO HEAR. Tell me what you believe to be true.When writing this exam, please make sure that your work is your own. For any exams that meet the definition of academic dishonesty (if needed please refer to syllabus for the definition) in any form, those students will fail the course and will be turned over to the school for academic dishonesty.Answer all the following questions (5-7 sentences each question). When answering the questions, tie in what you have learned from the philosophers that we have studied for this semester.1. Tell which philosopher(s) you agreed with the most and explain why? Please be specific and support your answers with argumentation.2. Tell which philosopher(s) you disagreed with the most and explain why? Please be specific and support your answers with argumentation.3. Has anything you have read or heard discussed caused you to change, modify, or just to think differently about what you thought before? 4. Josef Pieper speaks of the beginning of philosophy as being wonder. Take a moment to relate an experience of wonder that you have undergone that may have helped you to see life differently.Those are the books that I’ve learned through this semester:Twilight of the Idols, Friedrich NietzschePlato: The Five Dialogues, 2nd editionLeisure: The Basis of Culture, Josef PieperAbuse of Language, Abuse of Power, Josef Pieper