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As you have learned in this course, politics are an inherent part of government and every citizen’s life. In this unit, we discussed the domestic, economic, and foreign policies utilized by the United States. In addition, we discussed how these policies affect the United States, both domestically and abroad. This is evidenced in part by the concepts of isolationism and internationalism.In the Unit VIII Final Project, you will accomplish the following:Select one type of policy covered in the unit, describe its purpose and goals, and explain the role each of the three branches of government in the development of the chosen policy.Discuss how the policy you chose affects U.S. implementation of isolationism or internationalism, and describe how the media influences such action and decisions.Explain how each level of government is or is not affected by the type of policy you have chosen.Describe how one’s political party affiliation can affect his or her beliefs about the type of policy you have chosen.Locate at least three academic articles that support your position.Your paper should consist of at least three pages. Be sure to include an introduction in your paper. Any sources used should be cited and referenced properly using APA formatting.Click here to access a webinar that provides tips on preparing an introduction. The transcript for this resource can be found within the “Notes” tab to the right of the presentation.