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Based on your own personal experiences:
Indicate whether you or your family follow traditional or nontraditional roles at home in terms of the chores assigned to male and female members (e.g., clean, cook, or mow). Base your answer on your own culture.
Evaluate whether traditional or nontraditional gender roles should be encouraged at home, in the work place, or both. Justify your response by indicating how these traditional or nontraditional gender roles might be advantageous or problematic in American society. Be sure to indicate the financial impact these roles have on families and on the country.

In your culture, who do you think deals better with multiple life roles (such as workers, parents, spouses, children, etc.), men or women? Justify your response.I am a christian and I am Arabic, raised in the Middle East. I disclose this information to help in getting a better accurate answer.This is a middle of the week discussion and only requires a max of 3 paragraphs.

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