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attached below. it’s a example exam with short answers and multiple choices question set.

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Final Exam: You will find the answers to this semester summary exam in your text, given web
sites and notes from class. Please create a one page answer sheet and submit just this answer
sheet to the Final Exam portal. DO NOT RESUBMIT THE WHOLE TEST. Do your own work to
be assured that you have the right answers. Submit the completed answer sheet by WED. MAY
1. Comparing the “Leading causes of death in the U.S. in 1900 vs. 2013”, respiratory disease is
still a top killer but has been replaced by both (a)___________ and (b)_________ as the (1) and
(2) causes of death.
2. ________Was found to be the actual cause of death in the U.S. accounting for high %’s of (1)
and (2).
3. Two obvious approaches to preventing unhealthy behaviors is one, education, the other is
4. Name two behavioral adjustments that a Public Health Department might encourage to
decrease “bad” behaviors. ______ and ______.
Chp. 14
5. Using the 2nd level of the “Ecological Model” what interpersonal groups would be the most
influential in this stage of health behaviors. _____, ______, & _________
Chp. 15
6. Over the past 4 decades, new awareness of the harm caused by “second hand smoke” has led
to some of the most effective actions against smoking. Second hand smoke can cause the
same diseases as active smoking. Name one disease for adults __________ and one for
children _______ caused by second hand smoke.
7. What UNLV governmental agency recently promoted the action to make UNLV a smoke-free
campus. _____________.
8. What is the main cause of the U.S. government to question their previous assumptions about
the economic advantages of supporting the tobacco industry. ________________.
9. What is the main factor in the “rates” of smoking between the demographic groups. __________
10. In the 1920’s women were told that smoking will control your weight, such advertising ploys are
still used today to target a certain population and encourage smoking. Give one example. ___
Chp. 16
11. As we heard from our student presenters, obesity is a health issue, yet the perception of being
overweight may cause unintentional mental and social issues. Instead of concentrating on a
“perfect weight,” public health advocates will encourage healthy _______ and __________ to
create a healthy BMI.
12. Name the 4 foods you eat the most and listed on your weekly diet food list. _______,
__________, ________, __________.
Chp. 17.
13. Give a brief example of how a girl could get a “TBI” in sports.
14. Name the two governmental agencies that protect workers and help to decrease on the job
accidents. ______ and ________
Chp. 18
15. A very disturbing feature of the trends in infant mortality in the U.S. is the disparity according to
__________. (what?) But, searching the Time article, give two other reasons why
infant/maternal mortalities are on the rise. _________ and ____________
Chp. 19
16.On page 304, Table 19-1, Which mental disorder has the highest prevalence in males
_______ and females___________
17. List two biological factors that can cause psychosocial experiences during childhood. ____
and ______
18.TRUE or FALSE – Schizophrenia effects at least 10% of the U.S. population.
19. List two risk factors for mental illness in the elderly _________ or __________.
Chp. 20
20. True or False. According to the American Cancer Society, almost one-third of cancer deaths
in the United States are due to tobacco use.
21. True or False. Preventing chronic disease is an important public health priority, based on the
understanding of the cause, discovered through epidemiological studies.
22. Your book reports that over 80,000 chemicals are registered for use, with about 2000 new
ones introduced each year. Have you recently stopped or started using a new product to
reduce your exposure to a dangerous chemical… Name one:
23. Which of the following is the most visible form of air pollution?
A) Ozone
B) Lead
C) Sulfur dioxide
D) Particulate matter
24. Acid Rain is formed by two chemicals __________ and ____________.
25. Name two indoor air pollutants. ____________ and ____________.
Chp. 22
26. Discharges from industrial sources are the second major category of point-source pollution
and were strictly regulated by which piece of legislation?
A) Clean Water Act B) Safe Drinking Water Act
C) Clean Air Act
D) Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act
27. If coliform bacteria is present in the water supply, what step in the water treatment process
has failed?
A) Sedimentation
B) Coagulation
C) Filtration
D) Disinfection
28. The supply of fresh water on the earth is finite. Many areas of the world are suffering from
water shortages. Our own Lake Mead is in a critical water shortage condition because of what
environmental phenomenon? _______________________________
Chp. 23
29. Americans dispose of how much municipal solid waste each year?
A) 100 million tons
B) 250 million tons
C) 375 million tons
D) 500 million tons
30. The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act requires what type of wastes to be
accounted for “from cradle to grave” and there are criminal penalties for those who violate the
A) Municipal wastes B) Hazardous wastes C) Industrial wastes D) Agricultural wastes
31.__________ is the Federal government’s program that provides identification and cleanup of
hazardous waste sites.
32. True or False. Congress has not reauthorized the corporate taxes to support cleanup under
Superfund, but the program continues, paid for by polluters and taxpayers.
33. Because they grow in shallow coastal waters, which are likely to be polluted, which shellfish
may carry cholera-related bacteria, hepatitis A virus, and the common Norwalk virus?
A) Oysters
B) Mussels
C) Blue crab
D) Scallops
34. True or False. For the period 2002 to 2011, fruits and vegetables caused more cases of
illness than beef, poultry, and seafood combined.
35. Because of budgetary constraints, how often can the FDA inspect food-processing facilities
under its jurisdiction?
A) Every 2 years
B) Every 5 years
C) Every 10 years
D) Every 20 years
36. What virus is frequently transmitted by food handlers who are careless about hygiene?
A) HIV virus
B) Hepatitis A virus
C) Influenza virus D) Human papillomavirus
Chp. 25
37. The United Nations issued the___________, which reaffirmed the importance of sexual and
reproductive health and rights of all people as a critical foundation for sustainable development.
38. Opposition to ___?____ by Roman Catholic and Muslim authorities, as well as the
incendiary politics of abortion in the United States, obstructed rational attempts at limiting
population growth.
A) Contraception
B) Vaccines
C) Education
D) Wealth
39. Predictions about the Earth’s carrying capacity have typically centered on food. Why is the
American diet a detriment to the Earth’s Carrying Capacity? Think of our “Food List” results.”
40. In a preliminary meeting in July 2015, regarding Global Impact of Population Growth—
Climate Change, what new field of science was discussed to develop ways to limit the risks and
encourage communities, industries, and governments to make progress with or without a
A) Complexity science
B) Adaptation science
C) Population biology D) Adjustment science
Chp. 26
41-42.There have been repeated attempts throughout the 20th century to enact a universal
health insurance system in the US. All were defeated. Recently, Senator Bernie Sanders
attempted to raise the issue again and enact a Universal Healthcare System (or Medicare for
All). Give (2) pros and (2) cons, according to your research on this subject.
43. List three programs in which the government provides or pays for medical services.
__________________, _________________ and _________________________
Chp. 27
44. True or False. U.S. medical costs are approximately 18% of the GDP. The most expensive
of all industrial countries.
45. True or False. Rising costs lead to lack of insurance, which leads to worse health
46. Give two reasons why the health care costs in the US keep increasing. ____ and ____.
47. True or False. Managed care (such as HMOs) are a result of employer-based private
insurance bargaining in the 1990s.
Chp. 28
48. True or False. The rise of preventive medicine contributed to an increasing interest in the
measurement of the quality and efficiency, or cost-effectiveness, of medical care.
Chp. 29
49. Look to page 471; Chp. 29 Figure 29-1. From this graph give the following Census data
a. The age range of the largest group – known as “baby boomers.” ____________
b. When consideration a population you must consider births, deaths, ___________ and also
c. Of the males to females, who lives longer? _____________
Chp. 30
50. Anonymity in _________________ is the most detrimental mistake in an emergency
response, such as Katrina; Nine Eleven, or Oct 1st
A) Authority
B) Citizen response
C) Police control
D) Political jurisdiction
Chp. 31
EX.. Perhaps the most important challenge faced by public health in the 21st Century will be to
encourage a society- wide debate on how public resources should be allocated to most
effectively improve the health of the population as a whole. Give two areas of public health you
want to see improved with public resources ___________ and ____________.

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