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Read the article (Adulty Trauma) posted in the “Methodology Critique Assignment” and post your critique on the assignment link by the assigned due date. (45 Points) CriteriaGrading ScaleResearch Question / Purpose of Study5Excellent3Good2Satisfactory1Needs ImprovementVariables Studiedlabel as independent or dependent; level or scale of measurement5Excellent3Good2Satisfactory1Needs ImprovementStatistical Analysesboth descriptive and inferential; purpose of each; strength10Excellent8Good6Satisfactory5Needs ImprovementSampleDescribe the sample used in the study.5Good3Satisfactory2Excellent1Needs ImprovementFindings and significancestatistical versus practical significance10Good8Satisfactory6Excellent5Needs ImprovementChanges6 Describe changes to the methodology that could make the study stronger10Good8Satisfactory6Excellent5Needs ImprovementI need help determining the statistical analyses portion, I have completed the rest. I don’t understand what they are asking to be able to complete it