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Attached word document contains the instructions for completing the reaction paper. The topic of the reactions paper is contained within the instructions. if you have any question please contact me.

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Provide a reaction paper that describes the legal considerations that the emergency
manager must consider when conducting searches, seizures, and evacuation
operations. Your response should be in the range of 8-10 pages and APA format.
Below you will find four resources to assist you in this assignment, but additional
references that are academic scholarly resources will need to be added to assist in
the assignment.
4th Amendment US Constitution–Search and Seizure – Retrieved from
Legal Preparedness for Public Health Emergencies: A Model for Minimum
Competencies for Mid-Tier Public Health Professionals – Retrieved from
When Law is not Law: Setting Aside Legal Provisions During Declared
Emergencies – Retrieved
Disaster Operations Legal References – Retrieved from

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