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Based on your reading of Tao Principles week 4 (p. 64-83), for week 5 (84-100), and make sure you use the Critical Thinking Text Pamphlet (p. 6-13). Review these pages for the answers. Should be 400 Words. Please number your responses which correspond to each question when you post.Question 1. What does Tao Principles teach about chess piece “Mobility”? Hint: It specifically discusses rook mobility, attacking weaknesses, the bishop pair vs. two knights, and opposite color bishops in an endgame.Question 2: Tactics are a very important part of chess. What does the text teach about double attacks, opponent’s threats, double rooks, undeveloped pieces, pinned pieces, and forcing moves, and sacrifices?Question 3: Finally, read principles on “Strategy” (pages 91-99) which is one of the most important sections in the book. What are some fundamental rules about using threats, as well as pawn attacks and weaknesses?Use the “Universal Intellectual Standards” of clarity, accuracy, precision, relevance, depth, breadth, logic, and fairness to evaluate these rules of play(See critical thinking pamphlet). How do these apply to chess?Question 4: Most importantly, how do these lessons personally apply to your own chess playing ability? Which ones should you apply more to your own game?

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