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all instructions are in the files i uploaded. i picked relaxation in class but you can also pick of the topics in the uploaded files. i will be using these two books. you do not have to do the cover page.Potter & Perry. Fundamentals of Nursing. 9th ed. Mosby. 9780323327404
Dossey, Holistic Nursing: A Handbook For Practice, 7th edition, Jones & Bartlett. ISBN: 978-1284072679


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CAM Project Topics
Examples of potential CAM project topics are listed below. By far, the list is not all inclusive so if you
have a topic that speaks to you and you would like to learn more, please talk to me.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for stress management
Self-Care practices
o Nutrition
o Exercise
Contemplative Practices
o Silence and breath awareness
o Centering
o Meditation
o Art
o Music
o Dance
o Mindfulness
Energy Medicine
o Reiki
o Therapeutic Touch
o Healing Touch
Somatic and Musculoskeletal Therapies
o Massage
Relaxation Methods
Guided imagery
Herbal Therapy
Essential Oils
CAM Project Each student will be required to complete a report on an assigned modality of
complementary or alternative medicine and present the information in class. The written report must be
5-6 pages (excluding title page and reference page), typed, APA format (including headers), and follow
the rubric below. A minimum of 2 non-electronic (print) sources must be used in addition to 3
medical/nursing journal articles. Write in the third person and make sure the entire document is in
Times New Roman 12-point font. Use Headers and include an introduction and conclusion.
CAM Project Rubric Item 4-5 2-3 0-1 Possible Points Describe the CAM practice/modality in detail
Described the modality in adequate detail. Did not adequately describe the modality. 5 Tell the origins
of the practice Described the origins of the practice adequately. Did not describe the origins of the
practice adequately. 5 What does the evidence say about effectiveness of the practice/modality?
Adequately addressed evidence regarding effectiveness from peer-reviewed sources, covering multiple
applications Addressed evidence regarding effectiveness inadequately; or not from peer-reviewed
sources; or only covered single application Didn’t address evidence, and/or not from peer-reviewed
sources and/or or only covered single application 5 How can this practice be integrated into your nursing
practice? Adequately addressed how to integrate into nursing practice with multiple applications
Addressed but inadequately or with only single application Didn’t address 5 Presentation to class Fluent,
demonstrated good knowledge on the topic, professional presentation Read from note cards or slides or
lack of visual aid/demonstration, or unprofessional appearance Minimal understanding of topic, not
dressed professionally, unprofessional if any visual aids used 5 Appropriate Sources Utilized Minimum of
5 peer reviewed sources including 2 print and 3 journal articles Used 3-5 sources or some not peer
reviewed or did not use types of sources required Sources not peer reviewed or 2 or fewer sources used.
5 Grammar/Spelling No grammar/spelling errors noted Fewer than 5 spelling/grammar errors noted 5 or
more spelling/grammar errors noted 5 APA Formatting Correct APA formatting throughout assignment
and presentation Missing some components of APA formatting but mostly correct No attempt at APA
formatting, or no intext citations, or no references listed 5 Total points 40 ** Please make sure you
paraphrase and use appropriate in-text citations and references for all sources. Read the academic
honesty policy for further details as it will be enforced for this assignment.

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