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ASSIGNMENT: Using at least three films that we studied and discussed this semester, write an interpretive essay comparing and contrasting how Japanese directors have treated a common, central theme or themes. Clearly identify the common theme(s) you will examine in the title of your essay. Assume full reader knowledge of the cinematic works you write about. Support your main points with references to and examples from the films and include analysis and commentary on how the directors’ form/style/technique contributes to the communication of meaning/significance/insight. Incorporate discussion of the relevance of the Japanese directors’ treatments of the common theme(s) you identify to your own life and times. Double-space your essay and use Times New Roman, 12 point font. Do not use any unassigned secondary sources without the prior approval of the instructor. If you refer to assigned secondary sources, use parenthetical citation, i.e. (Tyson, page#). There is no set length limit, but essays tend to average about 8-10 pages in length.

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