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Film Analysis: Victoria
Victoria is a 2015 Film that’s directed by German producer and actor, Sebastian
Schipper. Set in the streets of Berlin, the feature film is best known for the director’s decision to
shoot the movie in a single take. Two youthful individuals,Victoria and Sonne, who meet
outside a nightclub and share an attraction. Victoria is convinced to join Sonne and his friends in
the hope of having a good time in the streets of Berlin but end up robbing a bank and having to
fight for their basic survival.
In the film Victoria, conflicts at various levels between different people in the movie
played an essential role in establishing its storyline. The bank heist, which forms the core of the
film is a result of a conflict between Sonne and his friends and a third party. The quartet owes
someone a big favour, one that’s due and collectable on that night. That someone, however, is
quite dangerous and the four guys decide to settle that conflict by robbing a bank. The robbery
itself entails a battle since the five perpetrators have to square off with law enforcement. In the
cause of the debacle, Victoria must kidnap a baby as leverage and therefore as a means of getting
out of that situation.
In the film, the main characters of the film are young people who work in different jobs
and sectors yet are underpaid, highlighting difficult economic conditions. Also, the fact that
Victoria readily agrees to a night of fun with total strangers shows that the city accepts a carefree
lifestyle. In addition to that, the fact that the main characters in the movie are from different
nationalities indicate a culturally diverse context, one in which even the languages spoken are
different; Victoria (Spanish), Sonne (German); and require an aggregate (English).
Victoria isn’t the first one-take film of its kind, and in its development, Schipper was
merely recreating something that has been done not once but twice. Though not a new concept,
one-take movie shootings are quite rare, and Victoria is in the company of Rope, a 1948 film by
Hitchcock and Birdman, a film that was produced in 2014 by Alejandro Inarritu.

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