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Below you will find a draft as well as some extra material needed to create a 12 page(text/ double space) research paper. The material already created is very rough and will need a lot of work to be a strong research paper. Make sure to have a clear thesis statement.The research paper should be approximately twelve typewritten pages of content, complete with a title page, a clear thesis statement, parenthetical citations and a works cited page. Your thesis must be supported by relevant source material.Please note that the research paper is to be submitted in print and electronic format. In accordance with University policy, written work is examined using anti-plagiarism software.All written work done outside class must be typed, double-spaced, in Times New Roman 12 pt font, in accordance with MLA format.


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O’Herlihy 1
Frankenstein Role of Women
Liam O’Herlihy
25 April 2019
O’Herlihy 2
Women have played a different role in society and achieving a balance of rights and
responsibilities in the typical male dominant society. Women are working in different field’s
from literature to business creating new modes of thinking. In modern society, women are not
limited to any particular field but they are using their skills and abilities in different ways.
Concept of feminism has changed the whole structure of society. The work itself shows women
empowerment as a major accomplishment. Frankenstein, the greatest horror novel has been
published by Mary Shelley when she was twenty years old producing one of the most enduring
and impressive pieces of literature into the romantic era. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein shows the
evolution of women in society through the depiction of the limitations and expectations placed
upon them.
Role of Women in Today’s Society
The role of women has certainly evolved in modern society as compared to 300 years
ago. However, women still have to go a long way to achieve a balance between both genders.
Women in the contemporary world have more freedom and decision-making power to manage
their personal and professional lives. However, this is not true in all cases since many women are
living under social pressures and facing gender inequality issues in developing as well as
developed countries. The paper will help to explore how women are viewed in today’s society by
reviewing various examples, theories, and quoting the examples of women from Frankenstein by
In the past few centuries, women were not given a chance to voice their thoughts; since
the 20th century, women have gained a lot of ground in politics, education, science, and sports.
O’Herlihy 3
They have gained more power in their household and are able to not only cast votes but also run
for presidential elections. The major companies in the world are hiring talented women as
leading managers who work as executives such as Indri Noyil of PepsiCo. Women are working
in more powerful positions in the White House that was unimaginable in the past.
Therefore, there has been a significant change in the role of women around the globe.
Women are doing much more than being housewives and child caregivers; which is why their
role with men is important to contribute to the growth of the economy. Women are sharing
responsibilities with their spouses as well to create income for their families, which is why
women are creating more win-win situations in society than ever before. Despite the brilliant
efforts of women to influence the lives of others and the community, women are also facing
significant challenges to raise their voice and live a life of freedom. “They still must overcome
major problems and obstacles in modern societies to become fully independent and equal in a
male-dominated world” (Bebel, 2004).
The Evolving and Changing Role of Women in Contemporary Society
The young women of the past have evolved in the 21st century by changing their ways
which have freed them from the confinement and oppression both at home and workplace. The
feminist movement was originally focused on helping women break free from injustice and
oppression. In today’s society, women are able to successfully and freely choose an appropriate
career for their future or even choose to stay at home as a traditional housewife. That does not
mean that women are traitor to their gender.
Anti-feminist movements have tried hard to force women to choose educational fields
and occupations that reflect little self-interest. Women are also sold as the false belief that
O’Herlihy 4
depicts them as victims of discrimination and oppression by their opposite gender. Therefore,
feminist movements state that “women should be free to choose whatever life path or career that
reflects their interest or desire without discriminatory policies or constraints “(Scaglione, 2014).
Women act in many ways in society as sisters, mothers, wives, and daughters. Women
are a partner with men in every aspect of life including work, survival, and home affairs. Women
can become good mothers and teachers for adolescents. Without good mothers and teachers,
mankind simply has no future or survival in the world. Therefore, society should not push
mothers through social or economic pressures and help them focus more on childcare and
upbringing if that’s what they desire. No one should judge women for having a choice for
children, “women can sacrifice choice of children for her career gains if she desires” (Scaglione,
Women should always do something in society that should benefit both their family and
the community. For example, by becoming good mothers, they can contribute positively to
society and family and raise successful children. They can also derive happiness from the task
such as engineering, teaching, and consulting. However, today’s society seems to have an unclear
vision for what women should and should not do that can influence the future of mankind.
Statistics reveal that many women are becoming influential leaders in contemporary
organizations and politics. For example, Mary Hakes worth, director for the Center of American
Women and Politics researches the participation of women in politics today. The following quote
presents a great view of role of women in politics, “At the outset of the 21st century, women
hold only 12% of the seats in Congress, 22% of the seats in the state legislatures, 6% of the
nation’s 50 governorships, 36% of the offices of lieutenant governor, 27% of other statewide
elective executive offices…and 14% of the federal judiciary.”
O’Herlihy 5
In the United States, some male candidates are however standing in the way of women to
choose male candidates for powerful positions. The leaders must understand that there are many
different roles and jobs women can hold in the contemporary society, therefore, choosing a male
candidate on the basis of physical characteristics is not justifiable that creates gender
discrimination. Therefore, women are playing a crucial role in modern society” (Jahan, 2015).
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O’Herlihy 6

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