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Paper 3: Argument
You will write a carefully reasoned, clearly constructed, well developed argument paper that
takes a position on a controversial issue in the US.
Make sure that you choose a specific question to address in your paper. Your paper should at
least five other outside sources. Your paper should be 7 pages long, documented according to
MLA style, and include a separate Works Cited page. double space, citation in paper
Possible topics you might want to look into include (just choose one topic from following that
you think is easy)

Should late-term abortions be prohibited?
Should insects be a part of people’s diets?
Should unhealthy food marketing to children be banned?
Should birthright citizenship be ended?
Can safe injection sites help reduce the heroin epidemic?
For this assignment, you should also be sure to:

Consider including current rules and regulations on your issue in the introduction.
Make your arguments as specific as possible. You will probably have three arguments
to support your position and at least one argument against your position.
Look at opposing arguments to your position and include appropriate refutations of
these counterarguments
Include sufficient detail and examples to support your arguments from your outside
Make clear transitions between thoughts and paragraphs.
Use your sources in conjunction with each other–do not treat them as separate entities.
1. You could just follow the structure of the outline which in the attachment.
2. The introduction (first paragraph) should include thesis statement and main ideas.
3. Use simple words and grammar that can understand easily because I am an international
Thank you!
Paper 3: Grading Rubric
Content: Ideas
Thesis is clear, thoughtful, and responds well to the assignment.
Thesis is argumentative.
Good balance between evidence and explanation in each body
Ideas are interesting and appropriate for the type/level of
assignment. Ideas are persuasive.
Content: Development
Each body paragraph includes specific details and examples that
come largely from outside sources. All the details and examples are
strong and well thought through.
There is at least one counterargument with refutation.
Structure: Overall
Introduction includes a strong hook and relevant background
Thesis clearly reflects the main ideas of the essay and reflects the
order of ideas in the body of the essay.
Each body paragraph has a topic sentence that refers back to the
The essay concludes effectively by restating the main idea of the
essay and offering a memorable quotation, a call to action,
recommendation, or prediction.
Structure: Paragraph
Each paragraph has a topic sentence that clearly states the main idea
of the paragraph. Paragraphs are focused on ONE main idea.
Ideas flow logically and smoothly from one idea to the next.
Paragraphs are clearly structured.
Grammar & Vocabulary
Word choice and usage is effective. Sentences are not too wordy.
Few errors in agreement, tense, number, word order.
Few errors in articles, pronouns, prepositions.
Few fragments, run-ons, comma splices.
Format & Use of Source(s)
The first page of the essay includes the appropriate information in
the top left corner (student’s name, instructor’s name, course
number and section, date, name of assignment) and a title. The font,
font size, spacing and margins are all appropriate.
Good balance of quotations and paraphrasing. Sources are well
Ideas are accurately quoted/paraphrased from the sources.
Documented language and ideas appropriately. Gave sources
authority where appropriate.
Works cited is formatted appropriately.
Total: /100
What you did well:
What you need to work on:
Outline of an Argument Paper – Classical Pattern
I. Introduction
A. Attention Getter/Hook: An interesting fact, statistic or quote to get your reader’s attention.
B. Background Information: basic information about the issue and any relevant background
to the issue—current discussion, appropriate history, relevant legislation
(This information may also come in a separate paragraph after the introduction.)
C. Thesis Statement: states the position to be argued in the essay—will probably include a
“what” and “why” part.
II. Reasons that Support the Thesis Statement
A. Reason 1/Argument 1/Pro 1 (main point #1)
Supporting paragraph 1
Supporting paragraph 2
B. Reason 2/Argument 2/Pro 2 (main point #2)
Supporting paragraph 1
Supporting paragraph 2
C. Reason 3/Argument 3/Pro 3 (main point #3)
Supporting paragraph 1
Supporting paragraph 2, etc.
Notes about reasons/arguments section:
1. Since this is a longer paper, you will almost certainly have more than one paragraph per main
point. This means that your discussion will be more detailed.
2. Think carefully about how you order your reasons/arguments. Possible ways to order your
arguments include most familiar to least familiar or least important (weakest) to most important
3. Think also about how all the different arguments fit together and be sure to reflect this in your
paragraph transitions.
III. Counterarguments and Responses to Them
A. Con 1- Mention the arguments from the other side of the issue (i.e. if you’re arguing that
guns should not be allowed on college campuses, mention the arguments from the people
who think that guns should be allowed on college campuses.)
B. Refutation–Briefly refute the other side’s arguments. You may refute the argument in
three ways—see pp. 162 & 163 of your textbook for examples:
1) Disagree—claim that the counterargument is wrong, because:

It misinterprets or ignores that facts
Its claims are exaggerated
Its reasoning is not sound
Its solution to a problem will not work
2) Concede a point, but disagree nonetheless
Acknowledge that part of the counterargument is valid, but disagree with the remainder
of the argument.
3) Agree and disagree, but take a position.
Acknowledge validity of both sides of the issue, but then claim that one side is the better
choice—or the least harmful choice.
Note: This section could be placed in the paragraph following the introduction. You may also choose
to have more than one counterargument.
IV. Conclusion

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