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A research paper on exactly what happened in the Scottsboro trial in Alabama

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Every student must write a paper on one of the cultural controversies presented by other students.
You may choose to research and write about any of the eleven controversies with one exception.
You may not write about the controversy you participated in presenting to the class. The paper
should be your critical analysis of one aspect of the subject matter of the cultural controversy.
You should make an argument about what is controversial and why. Your paper should not
merely echo the presentation of the controversy. Paper Content: You must have primary and
secondary source evidence to support your argument. Your evidence must come from your own
research as well as from the assigned website reading.
You must use, at a minimum: • 3 primary sources other than those used by the in-class
presenters • 2 secondary sources (NOT websites!) other than any used by the in-class presenters
• The assigned website reading. Of course, you may use more than the minimum! Paper Format:
The paper must be five (5) pages, no more, no less, including footnotes. Do not include a cover
page. Include a bibliography as a sixth page. For text use Times New Roman 12 point font.
Notes should default to a smaller size depending on your word processing program. Margins
must be one (1) inch on all sides, and the paper should have page numbers. Footnotes and
bibliography must conform to the Chicago Style.
I will post a style guide on Blackboard. Use it to make your notes and bibliography conform to
the proper style. Paper Due Dates: Each response paper has a different due date as indicated in
the course schedule. Every due date is two weeks after a cultural controversy presentation. I do
not accept late papers under any circumstances! If you choose to write about a controversy, but
then find that you cannot complete the paper by the due date, you must choose another
controversy later in the schedule.

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