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Addresses Course Outcomes 1, 2, 3, and 4:Interpret and critically analyze
primary scientific literature to assess the validity and reliability of
scientific results and evaluate the conclusions drawn from these dataDemonstrate proficiency in scientific principles, techniques and
applications in the life sciences to evaluate experimental design and
determine compliance with standards of protocol and ethical practicePose vital and relevant scientific questions to identify problems,
challenges, and opportunities for the development of innovative products
and services in the life sciencesEffectively communicate scientific principles, concepts, methods,
and research findings based on critical analysis of primary literature,
industry reports, and other life sciences resourcesI. Presentation Format (30 points)A. Ten slides (10) 1.
See the presentation content below; 10 slides do not include the end
reference slides (5) 2. Slides should be creative (background, graphics,
font, style) (3) 3. All information on the slides must be presented
using 30-point font – including the title (2)B. Twenty minute audio accompaniment (20) 1.
You must produce an accompanying audio recording that lasts between
18-20 minutes. During this 20 minutes, you will “present” the 10 slides
that you crafted as if you were speaking in person to an audience. To
accomplish this: On the PowerPoint toolbar > Insert > Audio >
Record Audio. You should expect to spend approximately 2 minutes
presenting each information slide. (18) 2. Please place all audio icons in the bottom right corner of each slide. (2)II. Presentation Content (50 points) A. Background of the Innovation (10)1.
Slide 1: Title of your innovation; name of your company or institution;
your name as CEO; date (2) 2. Slide 2: Provide a summary of primary
article C (4) 3. Slide 3: Describe the Eureka! moment from primary
article C (4)B. Presentation of the Innovation (15)1. Slide 4:
Describe your innovation based on the Eureka! moment you identified
including the problem it solves (10) 2. Slide 5: Describe how your
innovation can be built, produced, or achieved (5 each)C. Analyses of the Innovation (25)1. Slides 6-7: SWOT analysis: Embed chart – include 5 items for each category. (10)2. Slide 8-9: Futuring analysis: results of applying two futuring
techniques to your innovation. (10) 3. Slide 10: Conclusion – Final
pitch for your innovation (5)Note: You must present the slides as ordered above with the
content specified for each slide. Deviations will result in point
deductions. Also, the audio should not merely repeat what is on the
slide, but rather further elaborate.III. Presentation References (15 points)A. Use at least 10 references – DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA (5) B. Provide “in-text” references on each slide in small 10-point font at bottom left of slides (5)C. Cite all references in full at end of presentation using correct
APA-formatting (5) D. No references = a grade of zero for the
presentationIV. Presentation Grammar (5 points)Spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and sentence construction will be considered in the grading of this assignment.V. Presentation SubmissionA. Please label your presentation with your first and last name followed by Shark Tank – for example, Sharon Brown –Shark TankPRIMARY ARTICLE C LINKSTopics: Shark Tank InnovationRead primary article CREQUIRED VIDEOGuy Kawasaki’s How to Change the World (edgy presentation)REQUIRED SLIDESInnovation in 5 Minutes Practical Steps to Developing an Innovator’s DNA (Slide Presentation): is Creativity and Innovation?’ DNA Slide Presentation: Innovators’ DNA Slide Presentation: