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All the instruction for the visual analysis are in the attached file.

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Social Science Division
SOCI 1301- Introduction to Sociology
Written and Visual Communication Analysis
OVERVIEW: This assignment will allow students to write clearly, and in a focused manner on
a visual representation of a sociological concept discussed during the semester.
INSTRUCTIONS: Review the image above and develop a formal essay on the image. Each
essay should be a sociological analysis of the image’s core components and their relation to
depicting a social issue.
Select a minimum of three (3) visual components of the image to build the essay on.
First, provide an introduction discussing the discipline of Sociology and how sociologists study
social behavior (5-7 sentences).
Then, provide a thoroughly written representation1 of the image (5-7 sentences) as a whole.
Then give special attention to the three (3) visual components selected. In other words, describe
each component separately.
Describe the image in great detail.
Sociology Department | 2017-2018
SOCI 1301- Introduction to Sociology
Next, provide a thoughtful discussion2 of each of the three visual components selected and
explain why it is significant to the image itself, and society’s understanding of the sociological
concept(s) depicted in the image. The bulk of the essay should be focused here (i.e. about three
paragraphs). Students are encouraged to employ a multidimensional (political, economic &
cultural) perspective to their analyses on the intersectional nature social inequality in the United
Finally, provide a concise conclusion summarizing the main points of your analysis (5-7
Be sure to correctly identify the image (i.e. do not refer to it as a photo or painting, if it is not).
Each essay will be scored based on evidence of the following criteria: (a) the student writing
adheres to standard grammar, spelling, punctuation and formatting conventions of formal
academic writing; (b) relevant key terms, content and concepts from the assigned readings are
incorporated into essay where applicable; (c) a minimum of five (5) in-text citations with their
corresponding entry on students’ reference page are employed to support the student’s analysis. It
is recommended that the bulk of the textual support comes from required readings, but students
are welcome to employ the provide media resources and/or supplemental readings.
Total Points: 100 Points
Due Date: Wednesday, May 8, 2019 (11:59PM CST)
The process of talking about something in detail, typically in order to reach an explanation, decision or to exchange
Sociology Department | 2018-2019
SOCI 1301- Introduction to Sociology
Sociology Department | 2018-2019

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