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Argument Analysis Essay:-Write a 2-3 page essay in which you analyze the newspaper article “Students need persistence,discipline and resilience to succeed” by Mitch Daniels. You should follow the “Essay Assignment” guidelines on page 128 in Guidelines, Chapter 5 to help you with the analysis. Please follow the structure and organization outlined below for writing this essay:Introduction (1 paragraph): In the introduction, you should analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the reading’s argument. The first sentence of the paragraph should introduce the reading by title, the writer’s name, and the writer’s main idea. The following sentences should offer a short summary of the readings main details. The paragraphs should end with a thesis that takes a position on the writer’s viewpoint. The example paragraph Student B on page 135 is a good model for this structure.Body (2-3 paragraphs): In the body paragraphs, you should respond to your thesis by evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the writer’s argument. Don’t forget to provide textual evidence from the article to support your ideas.Conclusion (1 paragraph): In the conclusion, you should respond to the writer’s ideas with your own viewpoint. Do you agree with what the writer says? Why or why not? How does the writer’s viewpoint relate to your own educational experience? Please refer to specific examples from the text in your response.Reading:…


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