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Below has 10 short answer questions.1.What are the phases of the Systems Development Life Cycle? Name each phase and describe what happens to the project at that time.2.Two computer-related scams are phishing and vishing. Describe each one, pointing out the difference.3.Name 5 ways that a computer can be the object of a crime.4.Many mistakes are blamed on computer error, list and describe at least three common errors that are actual caused by human error.5.Privacy at work is defined in company policies and procedures, describe one example of when a worker does something that could be a breach of these rules.6.Name at least three project management tools and briefly describe the function they perform.7.Name and describe the function of at least three participants in a Systems Development team. Be sure to mention how they work collaboratively to accomplish their goal.8.What are the two types of knowledge discussed in this course? Explain each and provide an example.9.Explain what an ERP system is and what it does for a business. Elaborate on the advantages and disadvantages of an ERP system in a manufacturing business.10.Explain the difference between batch processing and transaction (real time) processing. Describe a company (real or imagined) that uses batch processing (3-5 sentences). Do the same for a company that uses transactional processing.

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