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APA Format, introduction, MINIMUM OF 1800 WORDS, CONCLUSION, MINIMUM 5 RECENT REFERENCESUse your favorite Internet search engine and find an example of a successful alliance that has led to a technological breakthrough and an alliance that was not successful. What attributes were described as contributing to the success of the alliance? What were the reasons given for the failure? How are these related to each other? What does this tell you about keys to success in planning an alliance?Find a firm that has been very active in growing through acquisition of technology. Did the company have a clear plan for how it wanted to approach alliance formation? Has the company been successful in achieving its goals?If an alliance is in the future of the organization you are working for, what are some of the issues each level of the organization should be concerned with? In other words, what are the issues that top management should address? Middle management? Supervisors? Non-management personnel? What are the potential advantages of an alliance for each of the levels?Find an article or website that provides guidelines for the planning of acquisition of technology. What do you think of the advice given?

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