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At least 2 sources relevant to the topicreference page using APA formatuse In-text citations: two direct and two indirect using both sources800-1000 words4 references

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Nowadays, technology is used all around the world by people of all ages.
Discuss the impacts of technology in our lives and highlight its pros and cons.
Suggest ways of reducing the negative effects of technology.
Planning and preparing:
 You must select at least 2 sources relevant to your chosen topic and
create a reference page using APA format. Ensure your sources are reliable.
Wikipedia will not be accepted. Submit the reference page to your teacher
prior to the assessment.
 For the report, you must use AT LEAST two sources (bring them to the
assessment). Using in-text citations, you must incorporate two direct AND two
indirect quotes using BOTH sources in your report (with a total of 4 citations).
These should be followed by your personal opinions or comments. Submit all
citations to your teacher prior to the assessment.
*Remember, if the information originated from one of your sources and not
from you, you need to either quote it or paraphrase it AND cite it accordingly,
otherwise it is considered plagiarized.
 Write a one-page outline as your notes (no sentences or paragraphs)
which needs to be pre-approved by your teacher and will be returned to you
on the day of assessment. You will use these notes and your sources to write a
report of 700-1000 words in class on Blackboard (with Lockdown Browser) on
the assessment day. You will have the whole class time (110 minutes) to
complete this.
 Your report should have the following section headings:
• Introduction
• Background
• Discussion ( Should include more than one paragraph)
• conclusion

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