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1. deals with opportunity cost (how, what and for whom things are produced /consumed).
2. entrepreneurial ability.
3. 113 same.
4. concept of capital.
5. deal with scarcity.
6. deals with what is macroeconomics, and what relates/covers.
7. PPC.
8. roles of fed reserve.
9. core inflation.
10. chairman of fed.
11. what fed funds rate is about.
12. open market operations.
13. open market operations.
14. general terms about a market/regarding market.
15. demand curve.
16. comparison vs normal and inferior goods.
17. warm winter-how effects supply/demand curve in what way.
18. characteristics of supply.
19. characteristics of supply.
20. fiscal policy (gait): taxation, spending, expenditure.
21. concept of a budget deficits.
22. continuous budget deficits.
23. equilibrium.
24. equilibrium.
25. what is not revenue source for fed government?
26. what is not
27. impact of monetary policy on GDP.
28. supply side economics.
29. fiscal policy-what fiscal policy will decrease real GDP when implemented.
30. best way of measuring growth/productivity.
31. opportunity cost of going to college: tuition, food, rent, supplies. Go deeper-read problem.
32. economy and PPC: compare corn and rice.
33. table-two countries-rice/corn-what is x represents cost for producing.
34. comparative advantage.
35. equilibrium-impact on gas by hurricane.
36. demand.
37. quantity theory of money, equation of exchange, how inflation occurs.
38. unexpected inflation.
39. real rate of return-result of inflation, nominal interest rates.
40. #39 relates to same concept
42. one terminate in agg. demand, consumer optimism test-household.
43. nominal GDP.
44. implicit GDP price deflator-brings down arrest GDP

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