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Based on the article and executive summary outline i attached below, finish 2 tasks:Task 1: Write full 1 page( no double space, not including references) Executive summary for R.K. Webb LLC Staffing Problems Project paper. + The background information+ The issue/problem+ The solutions to the discussion question from the paper+ The theories used + References (if have)Hint: My groupmate finish the outline already, you can based on the Executive summary outline file i link below to finish this task.Task2: Based on the “R.K. Webb LLC Staffing Problems Project paper. ” Make 3 slices powerpoint, each slice 6 lines, each line 8-10 words Problem analysis Solution to problemsThoughts and Conclusion


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R.K. Webb LLC Staffing Problems Project
The Evolution of R.K. Webb LLC
R.K. Webb LLC was established in 2009 under the initial name of Webb Construction, by
the company’s founder Randy Webb. Randy has a good blend of both intrinsic and extrinsic
values, which has enabled him to rapidly gain stature in the construction community. Having
started working around construction since he was in his teens, Randy was a perfect fit to jump
into the industry himself. R.K. Webb has been in the industry for 10 years now, and has been able
to build a reputable image within the commercial/residential industry throughout the state. Randy
was given the honor of, “Young Entrepreneur of the Year,” issued in 2012 by the SBA for his
ability to continually grow his company in size and stature. It is a company that has thrived by
strategic networking, it’s ability to set achievable goals, and the long list of over 90 major projects
successfully completed. They have embedded themselves as one of the top construction
companies surrounding the coastal bend, and continue to reach new heights as they move into
many of the major cities all over Texas. The company stands on the forefront of the flourishing
industry within Texas, so it’s no surprise that they will continue to see notoriety within the
steadily growing market. Providing services like commercial acoustical ceiling systems, drywall,
wood framing, metal stud framing, insulation, paint, doors, frames/hardware, hardie siding, and
tenant finish out. (R.K. WEBB, n.d.)
Problem’s R.K. Webb is Currently Having
Despite its success in handling the ever-expanding construction industry of Texas, R.K.
Webb is still faced with the same problems as any other organization in the construction field,
where do we get good employees and how do we keep them with us? They are particularly having
issues with attracting quality candidates that will want to grow with the company, and a high
turnover rate of the current workforce. This problem is not specific to the industry because it is a
question that many organizations have to figure out on their rise to success. Two general
organizational behavior issues that typically arise in most circumstances are the strategies that an
organization uses to build quality teamwork among employees, and the issues that come with real
stability in the employees job security.
The first issue we need to address is why Webb is continuing to see a high turnover rate
with its current employees. We are going to explore it through the lens of employee orientation,
planning and deadline management, employee motivation, communication, and work
environment. Bigger construction companies, like R.K. Webb LLC, employee orientation can be
overlooked and lead to a potentially low motivational elevator for some new recruits.
Construction being a tough industry, the process of how you introduce your company is important
to building a good relationship with its workers. When we think of employees’ motivation, it isn’t
always to motivate production, sometimes stepping out and seeing the bigger picture is more
about organizational cohesiveness. Communication breakdowns, the lack thereof, and
breakdowns can also begin driving individual motivators to low levels. In such a fast paced
industry, speed and profits tend to take the place of the organizational quality of life. It is not the
role the company to provide every wish for their employees, but knowing the problem before it
becomes one is a smart avenue. RKW has to set itself apart from typical norms in the daily
routines of industry standard, and give employees the comfort of more than a revolving paycheck.
Most employees want a sense of ownership and pride the organization they work for, creating a
brand loyalty.
The next major issue facing R.K. Webb LLC is where to gain quality employees. Whether
it be within the city of Corpus Christi, around the state of Texas, or be able to bring in high level
individuals from out of state. These aren’t your everyday worker, they generally tend to already
be employed or own their own company, so getting them to desire a change is difficult to do. This
problem is one that plagues the entire industry, not just R.K. Webb, so it brings into question what
other organizations are doing? When hiring, organizations want the best possible candidates at
every level. They are faced with hiring and training people from the ground up, or stealing good
talent from somewhere else. A good employee is hard to come by in any circumstance, so
choosing who is going to be a good fit can be painstaking. They currently have multiple different
management styles surrounding the organization and have enough experience to know what is a
good fit for each group of people, but are still struggling finding more leaders than followers. The
growth of the company depends a lot on this so finding a solution is highly important. One leader
may be too rough, lacks certain field knowledge, too soft, not verbal enough, short and
standoffish, and being able to properly see this will help to continue the success they’ve had.
Considering that most of the industry has lost its skilled tradesmen, not many youth are flocking
to the construction field, and people generally want to work inside; it’s no big surprise the
construction industry is seeing such a big vacancy in jobs.
How They Can Work Toward a Solution
Seeking a solution to retaining, motivating, driving, and keeping its employees is vital to
the growth of RKW. The first, and probably most important, is for them to bring value back to its
employees. When an employee feels valuable, they get a sense of security that is stronger than
any knowledge of making money. Secondly, Webb needs to adjust how they hire new employees.
Being able to find a quality candidate pool is important, but so is finding out if they fit the
company cultural mold beforehand. Implementing the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
questionnaire as part of the application process could help RKW to seek out an employee that is
more aligned with the type of organizational structure they have. We would suggest everyone take
this analysis as well, because knowing where the organization stands on scale is easier to
visualize this way. Next, Webb should take a deep look into its managerial style. Not necessarily
a whole revamp but being able to find tweaks in its system that could essentially motivate and
retain employees, gaining productivity with the brand loyalty they seek. The leader is expected to
positively influence the employee’s perception of the work they do, remove obstacles to goal
achievement and increase personal satisfaction through raising the rewards or payoff for the
achievement of such goals. Employee motivation is an important aspect that every organization
must consider because it helps boost productivity and reduces turnover rates. Motivation is a
function of the company’s leadership. According to the Path-goal theory, the leader is in a
position to boost motivation by providing coaching and guidance to the employees on the goals
they aim for and how to move towards such goals (Polston-Murdoch, 2013). Applying Maslow’s
Hierarchy of Needs could help change to outlook of its employees as a whole. Making the
company a more enjoyable place to be, like a second home, and not just a workplace they hate to
be at. In order to develop and maintain the potential employees that have the potential to be future
managers, the company might need to have a closer understanding in individual’s personality. By
comprehending personal trait, managers can find a way to encourage the employees to have better
performance and be loyal to the company. The final suggestion we have for R.K. Webb is to set
up a type job scale for people to visually see. This may not work in certain fields, but have an
apprentice-journeyman scale could work for them. Certain employees see this as a goal to reach,
making the potential for rising stars to be showcased, and can drive the overall moral up. This will
also help the brand image because it shows transparency throughout its organizational structure.
Key players within an organization can make it great, so finding the right fit is essential to
any rising company. One of the first things R.K. Webb could do is to clean up their online
website. The page is a little old and outdated, so revitalizing it would be ideal for the Internet
crazed world we live in. Adding things like photos of jobs, a careers tab to apply with them, and
small things that show a potential employee how serious they are about themselves. The more
professional you are, the more enticing the allure of working for you is, and could gain you some
people that would of kept scrolling because the online presence wasn’t as strong as it needed to
be. Another way they might be able to attract new employees is by offering incentives, which
many companies don’t do, that would help them lean toward coming over. If a project manager is
doing exceptionally well, then an offering bonus for completing jobs early, completing them
under budget, and completing them safely could gain a popularity that would attract some bigger
fish. Not only that, but giving them the opportunity to eventually work their way up to becoming
a shareholder. Money is not the key to all happiness, but you will find that the driven people
usually want to make more of it because they are willing to go the extra mile to make it happen.
New trucks, good equipment, safe environment, and job security are great to have, but sometimes
you have to give a little to gain an advantage over the long run.
Final Thoughts on RK Webb
Conclusively, R.K. Webb LLC is growing at a fast rate and is poised to take over the
Texas construction industry. Improving its employee retention rate will ensure that the company
advances faster, since the workforce will be more dedicated to achieving its organizational goals.
The single question the case will end with will be, “How can R.K. Webb LLC retain more
employees and reduce the high turnover rate it currently experiences?” The simple answer is,
“…by becoming better than its competitors and continuing to excel in the industry!”
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Executive summary outline
R.K. Webb LLC Staffing Problems Project
R.K. Webb LLC was established in 2009 is a big construction company in Texas. The
company stands on the forefront of the flourishing industry within Texas. However, now, it still
faces to some issues of quality of employees and high turnover rate.

Question #1: Why do Webb have a high turnover rate?
_ Explore employee orientation (overlooked), planning and deadline management, employee
motivation, communication, and work environment of company

Question #2: How to gain employee quality?
_ There are many competitive companies.
_ It is difficult to choose right person to the right position in the right time.
building quality teamwork among employees, and stability in the employee job security.
Making employees feel valuable, security
Adjust company’s recruitment way: who fit company culture, MBTI questionnaire.
Adjust managerial style
Improving leadership (the Path – goal theory) by providing coaching and guidance
employees reaching goals
Personal satisfaction (rewards, payoff, …) (Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory): work
environment more enjoyable.
Individual’s personality: by individual difference, managers can find the ways to
encourage to fit individual to get better performance and loyalty.
Setting up a type job scale to visually see: show transparency in organization and easy for
new one to catch up.
Attracting new employees: Refreshing web site to show professionality, offering more
incentive, shareholder opportunity.

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