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Assignment “Where will I be”
Summary: Students will research and identify a position they wish to hold in 5 years. The position does not
have to be in the IT, Computer Science or Cyber Security field but must be a real position found on a job
board. After the students find a position, they must research the qualifications and job duties for the position.
After the research the students will write a 3 page paper detailing the following information

Job Summary
Job Duties
Qualifications/ Requirements
Why you choose the position
What skills/ Knowledge you have now that make you a good fit
What skills do you need to obtain?
How and when are you going to obtain the skillset.
The paper should be written in APA format. The paper should also be written at a college level with unique
and high level thoughts. Along with submission of the paper the students should attached a copy of the job ad
in PDF format.

APA Format
3 FULL Pages
Attachment of job posting
Written at a college level
o Grammar
o Well thought out statements
o Level of writing.

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