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ASSIGNMENT 4: EXPANDED DRAFTBased on the feedback from your earlier assignment, make any changes necessary. You will continue to work on your site, adding the following elements:Add any other pages to your site and adjust the navigational schemeUse of CSS including:An element selectorA class selectorAn ID selectorA pseudo-class selector (try this on your hyperlinks!)Use of float and clear around an imageText-alignA form that includes a minimum of:Five text fieldsOne text area fieldThe use of checkboxesRadio buttonsA select field (either a list or a drop-down menu)A Submit buttonOptional use of an image buttonThe use of alert message on one pageNow that you have begun to write your pages in HTML, please add the following to a comment in the of your work:Name, date, week #, class with section, and campus # (i.e. CIS273001VA016)Always zip your work into a single folder for uploading to Blackboard. You’ll want to keep each week separate so that you can review earlier iterations of your site, in case you want to revert something back based on feedback from your professor.