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Answer all the questions in the question set.You can do it in Q&A style.

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#3 We shall remain, Trail of Tears
Answer the discussions questions below to better understand important themes and issues that make
Native history an essential part of American history.

1. What was the U.S. government policy of “civilization” and how was it introduced to the Cherokees?
2. What was President Andrew Jackson’s first priority and how did he accomplish it?
3. What happened after the Indian Removal Bill passed? How did the state of Georgia respond?
4. The Cherokees filed more than a dozen suits in federal court; two made it to the Supreme Court.
What was the question at the center of those two cases?
5. What happened in Worcester v. Georgia? Which Chief Justice of the Supreme Court wrote the
6. When the majority of Cherokee would not leave their land after the removal deadline passed, how
did the U.S. and Georgia governments respond?
Geronimo, Episode 4
1. What new land did the U.S. gain in 1848, after the Mexican American War?
2. What event drove Americans through the Southwest?
3. Who did President Ulysses S. Grant send to Arizona to institute a new federal Indian policy?
4. What was this policy and how did this differ from previous federal policy?
5. What was the choice Crook gave the Apache? How did the Apache know about the choice Navajos
had been given ten years prior?
6. How did America change after the Indian Wars were over?
Episode 5 Wounded knee

Why did AIM leaders, traditional Oglala leaders, and dissident Oglalas take on the U.S. government?
What do they say was at stake?
What treaty did Lakota chiefs sign in 1868? Was the treaty upheld by the U.S. government?
What happened at Wounded Knee in the winter of 1890 and how did the dissidents gain strength
from its memory?
How did the Indian movement differ from other political movements of the time?
What program did the Federal government introduce in the 1950s and 1960s to solve the Indian

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