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Assignment 1: – Think Piece #1Think Pieces are an important part of this class. Here is where you will be writing something that will hopefully reflect the week’s lesson.Think Pieces are meant to be “free-form,” rather than rigidly structured. In general, I am looking more at content than length. That said, a good length for a Think Piece is in the 1 ½ to 2 page range. Too much longer than that you’re probably providing filler. Too much shorter and you haven’t allowed your thoughts time to “breathe.”Your Think Piece prompt is the following:Why is it important to study Critical Thinking, and what do you hope to gain through your study of Critical Thinking?Assignment 2: – Unit 1 DiscussionDiscuss your thoughts on this week’s reading, assignment and anything you want to talk about.‐–‐————–End of Assignments – Thank You‐—————–Book for the class: Moore, Brooke Noel and Parker, Richard. Critical Thinking. 11th Edition. McGraw Hill, 2015.