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CIA (creative individual assignment)
Writing well using principles of copywriting and design.
Creative Strategy and Concepts
Client: The Rhode Island Food Bank
Target: Rhode Islanders 18+
Challenge: Raise awareness of the need to support the Rhode Island Food Bank.
Current economic conditions in Rhode Island – stagnant employment and increasing
homelessness have added to the numbers of those who need food and proper
The Rhode Island Community Food Bank works to
end hunger in our state by providing food to people
in need. We envision a day when all Rhode Islanders
have access to nutritious food and a healthy lifestyle.


Assignment: Create a minimum of 3 print ads. They should use the same
campaign theme. Visual and graphics should be kept simple and relevant. Do not try
to over design. Headlines and body copy should work together . Your job is to use
the power of words and visual to persuade and convince. Do not be redundant:
don’t say and show the same thing. Use facts whenever possible.
Use RI Food bank logo.
Rationale: tell me what technique you used. Use of facts? Metaphor? Pararellism?
Irony? What is the voice? The tone? The attitude? .
These ads should be designed AND TYPESET. Pay attention to your use of typefaces
and images.

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