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ANSWER EACH QUESTION WITH 200 WORDS I HAVE ATTACHED THE ARTICLE FOR THE FIRST QUESTION1)…What does it mean to be a good citizen? And if you are convicted of a serious crime does that mean you’ve given up the right to participate in the democratic process? If so, for how long? Read the article about felons and voting and let me know how you balance a need for effective punishment with a desire for effective rehabilitation. In the end, does it really matter?This issue is particularly relevant as last year the voters in Florida passed a measure that will restore voting rights to a majority of convicted felons.2) We have talked in class about Prop 47, the successful 2014 ballot initiative that reduced criminal penalties for certain property and drug crimes. The conservative Independent Institute gave the Proposition its 2018 Golden Fleece Award indicating that the Proposition has triggered major unintended consequences that has severely impacted California and its residents. Take a look at their study (the link is in the discussion materials) and see if they successfully make their case. If so, why and if you think they haven’t why not?