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An Important Decision in My Life Making an important decision has an effect on many people’s lives, especially when that decision is affected with different members of family. One of the most difficult decisions in my life was leaving from my home country of Iraq, where I was born, grew up and got married, for the USA for some important reasons.

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One of the most important reasons that changed my life and made my husband and I make the
decision to emigrate from our country, the death of our childhood friend, who was close to us,
Where we lived in the same city and this friend and my husband were in the same school when
they were kids. But after a while this friend decided to become a priest, And this is what
happened where he completed his studies and became a priest serving people in the church.
We were in constant contact with him but our meeting became few due to the difficult country
conditions and the general lack of safety. When my husband and I decided to marry, this gay was
our friend and spiritual leader, where it has existed since the beginning of our relationship; He
was present in our engagement and even in marriage where he was the priest responsible for
giving us the blessing of the sacrament of marriage in the church.
This friend really had a key role in our lives, my husband and I, But after a while and during a
mass in the church, a group of terrorists entered the church and killed the people who were
praying there, including our friend the priest, who was then 27 years old. Here was really a big
shock in our lives. Our lives before this event differed from our lives after this terrible incident.
Our sense of insecurity was killing us. We were afraid of everything, in addition to losing our
mentor and friend, who we are accustomed to his present in our lives.
An Important Decision in My Life
Making an important decision has an effect on many people’s lives, especially when that
decision is affected with different members of family. One of the most difficult decisions in my
life was leaving from my home country of Iraq, where I was born, grew up and got married, for
the USA for two important reasons.
First, my family and I ran away from a miserable situation in our home country. We left
because it was unsafe. Also, we had been threatened because we practiced the Christian religion,
and we could not go to the church freely. Furthermore, our society was unstable because of the
lack of services, for education, economics and health. Therefore, people had no goals to achieve
in that situation. Nowadays, as I hear from the news and my relatives who are still living in Iraq,
the situation has not improved, and the situation is getting worse. That is why I believe our
migration from my country to the USA was such a positive decision.
Second, the movement to the USA has changed my life and my family’s life. Here we
can look for better life opportunities. I joined the community college, and I started to perform my
goal though studying my favorite major, which is computer science. Also, here in the USA, all
the services are perfect. For instance, in the USA the delivery is better than Iraq. I have two
daughters. My first daughter was born in my country, and the second one was born here. Here in
the USA I found a big difference in terms of hospitals, pregnancy care, baby care and the level of
health. I noticed a kind care and amazing services to me and my new baby. Also in the USA I
can practice and preform many duties. For example, I have learned how to drive, I go to fitness
and swimming classes, which I could not perform all these things in my country. In sum, the
USA provides me and my family important factors to built our life and plan our future.
In conclusion, I feel my decision about travelling to the USA was important since the
society of my home country had changed in a bad manner, and these changes forced my family
and I to leave our location in order to improve our lives and future. From my observation, if there
is anything threatening our lives evolution, an appropriate decision should be taken as fast as
possible to protect our lives, even if that decision requires a sudden migration from one country
to another country where they know how to treat with humans equally.
Issues that I have observed in American society:
When you think of the evolution and culture of any society, one of the first aspects that come to
mind is the way that society respects women and their role in the development of the society. In
every culture, women are responsible for raising children to become good citizens in the future.

The limitation of women differs between Iraq and the USA. It is clear that women in the
USA enjoy much more personal freedom and independence than women in any other
parts of the world especially Iraq.
Women’s career choice is another factor that is different in comparing Iraq to the USA.
In the USA there are different areas to work, and women can work in all areas and fields
without considering their work as shameful. As a result, you can see women working as
a lawyer, judge or in the military, and she can contribute in politics nationally as well as
internationally. On the other hand, a woman in Iraq has fewer career choices, so she is
not able to work in the military, law enforcement. It is preferred for her to be a house
wife taking care for family’s needs. Furthermore, women’s in the USA have equal job
choices and equal rights with men who work at the same work place.
Women have many responsibilities in America since women’s responsibilities in all
places not just in Iraq and the USA are similar because traditional female tasks revolve
around the home, which includes cooking and housekeeping. For example, a part of being
a mother is planning to help her children to do everything, such as help them to do their
homework, take them to school or doctor appointments, and help them to develop healthy
habits, such as exercise and reading and many others activities. That will lead them to be
independent persons in the future and encourage them through life transitions. But in
America, women have more responsibilities because they have to work to cover their
necessary supplies and arrange their time so that they can reach and return their children
from school.

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