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Assignment ContentResources: Week 2 readings and activities, University Library, internetThe readings and activities this week were about the creation myths of various cultures. In one activity you discussed similarities and differences of the myths. Now it is time to write about two creation myths you learned about this week.Select at least two creation myths from two different cultures. For ideas, refer to this week’s readings and the myths section of the Big Myths website for animated presentations of many creation myths.Complete the Creation Myths Template .Submit your assignment. Below it is attached.ResourcesCenter for Writing ExcellenceReference and Citation GeneratorGrammar and Writing GuidesLearning Team Toolkit Copyright 2018 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved

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Creation Myths Template
Complete Parts 1-4 below.
Part 1: Creation Myths Details
Select two creation myths from two separate cultures.
Complete the chart below with details about your selected myths.
Name of Creation Myth
Culture Associated with Myth
Creation of World or Worlds

Which world or worlds, such
as sky, earth, and
underworld, are represented
in this myth?
What are the elements of
these worlds?
What are the steps or cycles
involved in creation?

Are the creators male or
What is the significance of
the gender(s) represented in
the myth?
Destroyers or Destruction

What types of destroyers or
destruction are included (if
Cosmic Elements

What types of occurrences
or natural phenomena like
stars, moons, floods, rain,
etc. are included in this
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Creation Myths Template
HUM/105 v7
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Part 2: Comparison of Two Myths
Complete the chart below to compare the two myths you selected. You may add additional rows as
What elements and themes do the myths have in
How are the myths different?
Part 3: Reflection
Write a 150-word response to each of the following questions:
1. Why is there such a focus on cosmic occurrences or natural phenomena like stars, moons,
floods, and rain, in many creation myths?
2. Why do you think cosmic or creation myths are important to a culture? How do they shape a
culture’s view of the world?
Part 4: References
List any sources you used to complete this assignment in APA format.
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