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attached is the worksheet, i need help in the last few questions of the worksheet.

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SOC/110 v11
Working in Teams Worksheet
Short-Answer Questions
Write a 75- to 100-word response to each of the following prompts:
1. In what ways do teams differ from groups? For starters, a group is a collection of people who
participate and put effort on a project but work independently without asking for support from another
member. On the other hand, a team is a group of people who all share a common purpose and work
on a goal. Each person of a team is responsible for their actions, commitment into a goal to help each
other out, and also a team also relies on each member to assist them when they are stuck on
something they cannot finish.
2. What factors contribute to a team? One of the factors that contributes to a Team is commitment. Each
member understands how their work fits into the project, and also if it agrees with the teams goals.
Each member needs to contribute to an assignment, so it cannot rely everything to just one person.
There should also be an established form of Communication between all members of the team.
Without communication the work will not be put together in a timely manner, and it will result in a
failed grade for everyone on the team. A lot of teams have some difficulty with cooperation, many
members sometimes like to work by themselves, even though it is a team effort.
When have you worked in a team? I had always worked in a Team throughout my high school, to
college, to job factors. I always assist any team member with my knowledge in certain scenarios and
push them in the right direction. I am always one of the people who like to start working on something
before it gets done and like to ask questions to my team members.
What was your experience like? The only thing that I did not like when working with a Team, is that
sometimes there would be a bad apple in the group who just wants to do everything their way or it’s a
no way. For a team to be successful everyone should assist in anyway they can, instead of just
choosing what every subject the team will do.
3. What are some different types of teams? There are about five different types of teams that currently
1) The Working Teams: these fit into any subject, aka Marketing teams, Human Resources team,
2) Special Purpose Teams: This team is to only work to finish off a one time project, once that is
completed they separate and go their own way.
3) Multi-Functional Teams: This team is formed by different people with different areas of
knowledge. Its only a short-term team.
4) Self-Directed Teams: This is a leadership team, where everyone shares responsibility on the
5) Management Teams: Board of Directors.
9. What are the goals of each type of team? The goal for each team is to assist each other, in getting
the job done in a timely manner, and that anyone can work together and put many differences aside
to finish a job.
10. What differences are there in how team members work together in these different teams?
11. What are some examples of effective communication and listening skills for teams?
12. What makes these skills effective?
13. What are some of your strengths and weaknesses when communicating in a team?
14. How can you work on the areas that need improvement?
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Working in Teams Worksheet
SOC/110 v11
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