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Attached is my Reflection i just need my reflection edited and its only 1 page.Having already completed all the assignments, you will now look back at the tasks you completed for this class and reflect on your growth as a writer. What are you most proud of? What represents you the best? How or why? What do you wish you did differently? What challenges did you face, if any, and how did you manage/overcome them? In the mean time, what is your theory about your own writing practice (or what assumptions and beliefs do you have about your own writing, such as how and why you do it, like/dislike it, and are perhaps changing or not changing) and how your writing turns out. You can also think about genre, audience, purpose, context, etc.). Finally, what are you taking away from this class? For this assignment, I want you to be honest and present an authentic voice on your experience in this class. Yes, use your first-person point of view. Length requirements: 500 words (approximate but can expand as/if warranted).

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Sarkis Menedzhyan
English 306
Professor Pandey
8th May 2019
Final Reflection
Now that we have completed all of the assignments for the class, I can tell how much I
dramatically changed as a writer, and how much I grew as a writer. I can tell that my writing
skills grew as I wrote more essays. I am most proud of my accomplishments this year in writing
memos. At first, I did not know what a memo was, and how a memo was written; however,
now I am aware on how a memo is written and I learned how important it is to write a memo.
My report represents me the most because it focuses on topics that relate to my major. The
challenges I faced in English 306 was knowing the difference between a memo, a transmission
letter, email and a letter. I also faced challenges in formatting, citing properly in both APA and
MLA, and how to create a work cited page or bibliography. I overcame these challenges by
practicing every day how to write, listening to my peers, and also getting my report or
assignment peer reviewed helped me a lot. Other challenges that I faced was writing the
reports, which was one of the toughest parts of the class, it was very challenging and difficult.
However; I overcame these difficulties by having different students give me advice, proof
reading my paper, and helping me proceed through my report writing. I feel like the summaries
were also challenging because you had to come up with peer reviewed journals and summarize
them; however, this helped me write my report and to write my executive summary and
abstract very clear. I feel like writing about my field helped me become more aware of my field
and helped me build my research skills. My theory about my writing practice is that I need to be
clearer with my writing and a bit more organized, and this is what I disliked about my writing. I
can tell from my writing that it took a long time for people to understand what my audience
was, and I feel like I should be clearer. My overall content of my paper was pretty long so I
needed to shorten it and make it more precise. By taking this class, I learned how to write
report papers really well. Also, I learned how to send business formal emails, and how to write
memos for businesses. This class helped me learn more about what steps I need to take in
writing and how to do proper research. This class also helped me write summaries properly and
how to find resources that are peer reviewed. At the end of class I did a class presentation at
first, I was nervous but after I spoke to the class, I became more comfortable and this is going to
help me gain experience for pharmacy school. This will help me with public speaking and
research in Pharmacy School. This class helped me gain experience in writing which can help me
in future jobs at a Pharmacy and with Pharmacy school.

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