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Business Case Analysis

This case study involves a state teacher’s pension fund and before getting started with the assignments, you will want to thoroughly understand the dilemma this Pension fund is in on as described in the “Background” information located on pages 167 through 168.  As you will read, there is well-founded suspicions that the pension fund is not healthy and may be insolvent. It is your assignment as the state auditor to review the historical funding for the pension fund and provide financial insight into the underlying causes for insolvency.  Once you understand why the pension fund is in trouble, you are tasked with proposing solutions to the insolvency of the fund.  
Start your assignment by first reviewing the excel file (TeachersPensionFundComplete) attached. Next, you will want to review and make notes regarding the key issues described in Case Study 10 on pages 167 to 176.  Carefully review and make notes on the “Background” section on pages 167 through 169. This is a complicated case study scenario with several variables affecting the both the current condition of the fund and potential strategies for returning the fund to solvency.
· Task 1 (Word file): This is assignment 2B in the attachment: Document your findings from the completed Excel file and recommendations in a memo (p. 174).  Carefully follow the instructions from Tutorial F and page 163 and create a memo in Microsoft Word that briefly (a) outlines the situation with the pension fund, (Answers the four questions posed in the previous assignment, and (c) Includes tables and charts that supports your claims regarding the pension fund.  Use your own discretion as to how to format this memo, as you will be graded on thoroughness, adherence to APA form and style, completeness and accuracy of your findings, conclusions, and recommendations.
· Task 2 (PowerPoint file): Create a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes your findings, conclusions, and proposals.  Include a title page, section pages, charts and graphs, and a minimum of 15 narrated slides.  Bullet points are a perfectly acceptable way to present your findings.